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3 Things All Municipalities Must Consider When Hiring Contractors

Pavement maintenance is often seen as a necessary evil. The truth is that good pavement not only makes the city look better, it also has many benefits for residents and businesses alike. For instance, well-maintained pavement is safer for pedestrians to use and less likely to cause accidents involving automobiles or bicycles.

An experienced pavement contractor like Garden State Paving and Sealcoating LLC in Cherry Hill, NJ, brings a lot more to the table than other inexperienced companies. Municipalities looking for a paving contractor must ensure they hire a credible team that has the necessary experience. So, if you’re looking for a contractor for a local municipality project, here are three essential things you must consider.

1) Experience with Similar Projects 

You can’t just walk up to any company that claims they have the right skills to complete your project. You need to ensure that they have enough experience with similar projects for them to be able to provide you with a viable quote and cost-effective option.

You should not hesitate in asking the pavement contractor for proof of the experience they claim. A paving project for a municipality is a dream job for any paving contractor, and many in the industry will misquote facts to get the job.

This is why you must ask the contractor for a list of projects they have performed to verify their claims. The project details should include:

  • Location and date completed
  • Order type, project size & scope of work
  • Cost per ton or cost per square meter as well as total costs

Significant discrepancies could be an indication that the contractor is not being honest with. 

2) General Pricing

Make sure to ask for the pricing of the project – or the contractor’s usual charges – before you get too deep into discussions. All parties involved must know what they are dealing with, and if this means having multiple meetings, so be it! But don’t allow yourself to go in blind without knowing how much you need to budget for your paving project.

It is also essential to get quotes from different contractors and conclude after considering multiple proposals.

3) Project Timeline

Another essential factor that you must consider is the project timeline. Will this contractor finish on time? If not, will there be an extension? Are they meeting deadlines, and how much flexibility do they have when unforeseen roadblocks occur during the process of completing a project? You want someone who can get things done quickly but still provides high-quality service!

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