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3 Things You Need To Know About Asphalt Paving Overlays

If you are looking to extend the life of your asphalt pavement, then an asphalt overlay may be a good option. Asphalt overlays can help prolong the lifespan of your existing surface by adding new layers on top. However, many people don’t know what to expect from an overlay; here are three things that you should know before deciding to have an asphalt paving overlay done for your property!

1. Benefits 

Asphalt overlay is an affordable way for property owners and managers to address extensive damages due to cracks, breaks, potholes, and other pavement-related issues in their parking lots. The benefits of an asphalt overlay are similar to asphalt paving. The only difference is that you get new layers on top with asphalt overlays and a surface that looks freshly paved rather than patched up.

Another benefit is that an overlay enables water to drain away instead of pooling around your property and causing mold growth or erosion problems. You may also find the overlay material more resistant to cracking because it has multiple coats protecting against UV rays which break down pavement over time.

2. How it’s Done

The process is relatively straightforward, with most companies being able to complete the job within one day! The asphalt is applied directly over the existing pavement, with just enough additional material added so that it doesn’t crack or otherwise split apart under the load. Once this layer is installed, you can resume using your parking lot as usual and enjoy many years of worry-free driving in addition to safe and reliable asphalt! It usually only takes a few hours to complete the project. It is always recommended to hire experienced, professional asphalt paving contractors such as Garden State Paving and Sealcoating LLC, providing premium asphalt repair services in Moorestown and other towns across New Jersey.

3. Asphalt Overlay Types

There are many types of asphalt overlay available in the market.

  • Full-depth

A full-depth asphalt overlay involves the removal of the old, worn-out asphalt and installing a new layer. A full-depth asphalt overlay is usually installed when there have been significant cracks present in the pavement for some time.

  • Base and surface coat with a sealant, also known as blacktop

Pavement contractors opt for a blacktop asphalt overlay when there is a need to resurface an old or damaged asphalt roadway. This type of overlay is possible in all seasons, provided the ground is not frozen and there is no snow on top.

  • Sealcoated base course over asphalt concrete pavement

This is similar to sealcoating and is applied over pavements with minor cracks and damages.

Garden State Paving and Sealcoating LLC offers a range of asphalt repair services, including asphalt overlays. Residents of Moorestown, NJ, can get a free estimate now for having their pavement fixed.