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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Seal Coating A Commercial Property

A commercial property is subject to many of the same hazards as a residential property. However, commercial properties experience more wear and tear than their residential counterparts. If you’re not taking care of your commercial property, it will lose its value over time. One way to protect commercial properties from damages is seal coating.

As the name suggests, Sealcoating seals in asphalt so that water can’t seep through any cracks and cause damage. It also prevents dirt from getting trapped under the asphalt and provides an added layer of protection against weathering and erosion caused by sun exposure.

However, some mistakes must be avoided at all costs when seal coating any commercial property. This blog post will discuss four common errors made by business owners looking to seal coat their commercial properties.

1. Not Choosing the Best, Most High-Quality Sealant

Many people make this mistake because they are under the impression that commercial sealant is more expensive than residential.

However, in reality, commercial-grade sealants cost less to apply and last much longer. So if you’re going to spend money on a product for your commercial property, don’t skimp!

2. Putting Too Little or Too Much Product on the Ground

It’s essential to measure how much commercial sealant you’re going to use. If it turns out that you put too little on the ground, your commercial property will remain unprotected, and there is nothing worse than having to reseal your pavement a week later.

On the other hand, putting too much commercial sealant on your pavement is just as bad because it will stick to the ground and make a mess of things, which can be very difficult to clean up!

3. Using Improper Seal Coating Technique

The seal coating technique is a significant factor to consider when sealing your commercial property. Improper use of the commercial seal coating techniques diminishes efficiency and causes wear and tear, resulting in more frequent maintenance.

To avoid all the hassle, be sure to use an appropriate seal coating technique that is efficient and suitable for your property.

4. Failing to Prep Properly

No commercial seal coating project can move forward without prepping the surface. Failure to prep properly will result in poor adhesion and a job that needs to be redone sooner rather than later.

To avoid this mistake, it is vital to remove all debris, dirt, and dust from the surface to get a clean, dry, and smooth finish.

You also need to follow other preparation steps to get the most value out of your seal coating project.

All in all, the best way to avoid making any of these commercial seal coating mistakes is by hiring a professional seal coating company. At Garden State Paving & Sealcoating, LLC, we offer premium commercial seal coating services to property owners residing in Medford, MJ. Schedule your sealcoating project with our experts today!