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6 Things To Consider When Planning For An Asphalt Paving Project

As asphalt paving contractors, we see a lot of asphalt paving projects go wrong. One of the main reasons is because people do not know what they are doing when planning their asphalt project. This blog post will help you avoid these mistakes and save your asphalt project from disaster.

Here are six things to consider when planning for an asphalt paving project.

1. Don’t Cut Corners

When asphalt paving projects are designed with cut corners or without proper time allotted for construction delays, they can be difficult to complete.

Therefore, always plan and have contingencies in place if something goes wrong with the original schedule so that your asphalt paving project doesn’t suffer.

2. Obtain All Zoning Permits

Ensure all zoning permits are obtained before beginning work – this may seem like common sense, but it is essential nonetheless. The last thing you want is for someone to tell you that your asphalt project can’t continue because the necessary paperwork was not filed beforehand.

3. Budget Accurately

Always make sure that you have enough money in order to complete a job – asphalt paving projects can be expensive, so you need to make sure that the asphalt contractor knows how much money is available for a project. The last thing you want is to come up short during a project and not have enough money to purchase materials for the final touches.

4. Ensure Timely Delivery of Materials

Make sure all your materials are bought and on-site before you start work on asphalt paving, or you may end up having to pay for more material and then also have to wait – and stop work – till it is delivered.

5. Find the Right Contractor

The asphalt paving contractor should be licensed and insured. There are many shady asphalt companies out there, so it is essential to do your research before hiring one!

Do not hire an asphalt company that does not show up with all the proper equipment or doesn’t have enough workforce for the job at hand because sometimes they will send inexperienced employees to work on your asphalt paving project.

6. Ask About Warranties

Ask the contractor if they provide warranties for their work, and be sure you know what the warranty includes before signing a contract. If anything goes wrong after the project is complete, you don’t want to have to pay for it again!

The asphalt company you hire will be vital to the success of your paving project. You need a company that will not only provide an excellent product but one that will also deliver on time and with quality workmanship.

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