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Asphalt Paving Project: Why Site Grading Is Necessary

Are you thinking of making some changes to your property? Do you need a new shed in your backyard or a pool to relax in? Or would you like to pursue your passion for gardening?

If you’re nodding your head, then you need to check if your property requires site grading. In simple civil engineering terms, site grading is the process of leveling the ground, adjusting the slope, and spotting signs of elevation in a construction project.

Site grading is vital for all construction projects, even if it involves constructing within your home compound. Read on to learn the reasons for its popularity and how effective site grading techniques can help you avoid a major disaster.

What Exactly is Site Grading?

As mentioned above, site grading is the simple process of adjusting or elevating the slope of the soil around a building or home. Site grading is carried out before the construction process begins as it provides a solid foundation for infrastructure development.

Site grading assists in improving the drainage system of a place in a residential setting. Engineers, contractors, and surveyors usually work together to measure the land’s slope for surface leveling during the construction process. The exact process is also repeated for an existing property.

Heavy machinery is employed for grading land, as it is equipped with both excavation and surface smoothing attachments. Digging deep down to a low-lying area or the structure’s base is another method used for site grading.

Benefits of Proper Site Grading

Site grading benefits property owners in the long run. It helps secure your investment and ensures that you don’t need to run to contractors for premature repairs and other site issues.

Most importantly, site grading helps protect your property’s foundation. Constructing without proper site grading results in a flawed drainage system, which causes the accumulation of water pools around the infrastructure. The constant pressure from the water and the weight it applies to the surface cause severe damage to the structural foundation.

Not only can a pool of water wreak havoc on your infrastructure, but it can also ruin your landscape’s flora and can become an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. That’s why experts advise surveying your property for areas of poor drainage each time there is significant rain. If required, perform site grading to direct water away from the infrastructure.

In summary, site grading protects your property’s foundational elements and ensures efficient water flow to all corners. As an added benefit, site grading also enhances the ambiance of your property, improving curb appeal and increasing its value.

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