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Catch These Red Flags Of Asphalt Paving Scams

Many asphalt paving scammers are around, making it challenging to determine which companies are legitimate and which ones aren’t. To help you steer clear of an asphalt paving scam, we have compiled a list of signs that indicate when someone is running one. Remember that not all these signs will show up on every job site.

Reliable contractors like Garden State Paving & Sealcoating, LLC will never show any of the signs mentioned in this blog.

1) The Cheapest Price

If an asphalt paving company offers to pave your driveway for way under market price, they either aren’t adequately equipped or don’t have sufficient crew members.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Asking for references and proof of previous work is the best way to determine the legitimacy of such companies. Ask to see photos of prior work done by this company. Don’t hire them if they cannot provide the required references!

2) No Written Contract

Have the contractor submit a written contract that specifies all of the details of the project. A verbal agreement is fine, but it will not hold up in court if there’s ever an issue, so insist on formal documentation!

Companies that offer sub-standard services or aim to scam you will be hesitant to sign a professional contract.

3) The Added Warranty Price Hike

Most companies beef up their prices by claiming to offer extended warranties. They usually present a very rosy picture of their warranties. Don’t fall for it. If they are trying to make their prices more appealing, ask them to disclose what the warranty entails and how much extra you’ll have to pay. It has to be cleared before they provide any services because once the installation is completed, you can’t do anything.

Pro Tip: A legitimate asphalt paving contractor should not have any issues disclosing the terms of warranty pricing before work begins!

4) The Accident Scam

Some scammers fake accidents on the property and use them to sue for damages. To avoid this scam, you need to push the contractor for their insurance and license papers.

Walk away from a deal immediately if the contractor denies having worker insurance. If the company offers worker insurance, you need to find out the plan’s details.

If you suspect an asphalt paving scam, take action. Reach out to the contractor’s office and ask for help resolving the matter! Contact your state licensing agency if no one responds.

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