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Crack Filling: What It Is And Why It’s Important For You?

Although asphalt is a long-lasting and cost-effective paving material, its longevity depends on various factors. If early signs of distress are ignored, the continued deterioration causes the asphalt surface to lose its original shine, and potholes and cracks become a common sight on the pavement.

Fortunately, asphalt crack filling and sealing allow you to repair and preserve your parking lot or driveway. Although crack-filling is a standard repair procedure, not many homeowners are aware of its intricacies. It offers a high value to property owners at a relatively affordable cost. So, what is it about crack filling that makes it such a convenient solution? Here’s a brief introduction to crack filling.

What is Crack-Filling?

Crack filling involves placing asphalt emulsion in non-working cracks to prevent water penetration and strengthen the pavement. Asphalt filling provides an efficient and economical solution for pavement problems.

Crack filling performed by a professional contractor like Garden State Paving and Sealcoating LLC in Medford, NJ, can effectively repair the cracks in your pavement.

There are two main types of crack filling, cold-applied and hot pour crack filling. Cold applied crack filling consists of polymer-modified, clay-filled asphalt emulsion liquid, which eventually flows into cracks at the ideal temperature.

Hot pour crack filling involves heating blocks of rubberized asphalt. This process is carried out in an oil-jacketed melter, after which the heated solution is applied on cracks present on roads and parking lots. Pavement contractors generally use hot pour crack-filling on cracks present on highways, roads, and parking lots.

Crack-Filling Benefits

Cracks should be repaired as soon as they are identified. Amongst the many maintenance measures available, crack filling is one of the most convenient and affordable. Here are some important factors that make it better than others.

· Helps You Save Money

Crack filling, on average, is the least costly among all forms of pavement maintenance and repair measures. You can protect and prolong your pavement’s lifespan by allowing experienced professionals to crack fill the pavement. The cost of crack filling is considerably lower than repairing neglected asphalt.

· Slows Oxidation

Water is the number one enemy of all asphalt pavement. Moisture in the environment can cause water to penetrate the surface, eventually disturbing the sub-base. Crack-filling prevents water penetration slowing oxidation rates and ensuring the pavement does not lose its original charm.

· Improves Pavement Life and Appearance

Not only does regular crack-filling prolong your pavement’s lifespan, but it also improves its overall appearance giving an enhanced look to your property.

Garden State Paving and Sealcoating LLC provides premier crack-filling and asphalt maintenance services in Medford, NJ. We use the latest machinery and most effective techniques to ensure that you get high quality results and a long-lasting pavement.

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