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Driveway Maintenance During Spring Season: Everything Homeowners In New Jersey Need To Know!

Homeowners are often unaware of their surfaces’ needs, resulting in minor damages like hairline cracks to turn into more extensive damage like potholes, which eventually leads to early pavement failure. Therefore, if you want your pavement to have a long service life, then you need the services of a reliable asphalt paving firm.

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If you do not have a proactive maintenance plan in place to cater to your pavement’s needs, then get an inspection done to know what projects you need to invest in. A professional contractor will be able to correctly identify the issues with your asphalt surface.

Season can have an impact on your asphalt maintenance due to two factors: certain issues arise in a specific season, and some procedures require particular weather conditions for correct application.

Spring pavement care follows a corrective maintenance approach as compared to a preventive maintenance one. Your asphalt pavement suffers the most damage in winter due to harsh weather elements and our own practices. Moisture coupled with the freeze and thaw cycle can result in new pavement distresses to appear on the surface and existing damage to get worse.

During the cold months, when the temperature drops, the ice and snow on the asphalt surface melt and seep into the existing cracks. Once the temperature drops again, the water freezes and expands, resulting in side deterioration, crack enlargement, and weakening of asphalt bindings. Also, our own snow removal efforts like frequent deicing and salt and metal-head shovels can damage the top layer of the asphalt surface resulting in flaking and fading.

Come spring, your driveway is riddled with cracks and potholes, so the first and perhaps the most crucial part of your spring asphalt maintenance is crack sealing, crack filling, and pothole repair. If your pavement is showcasing signs of extensive damage, then you can consider patching and resurfacing.

After the repair work is done, it would be a great idea to get asphalt seal coating done on your pavement to form a protective layer over your surface to prevent damage and seal off the repairs for a smoother, even, and more durable surface. Also, seal coating will give your surface a unified black color boasted by new surfaces.

What projects need to be undertaken depends heavily on the pavement condition, so to make an informed decision, you need to call in the experts for an evaluation. This will help you save a ton of money, time, and inconvenience.

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