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Finding Mr. Right In A Sea Of Contractors

Your pavement can boost the curb appeal and value of your property by offering optimal functionality and also an improved driving experience. That’s why smart commercial and residential property owners are willing to invest in a quality pavement.

However, a paving project is a significant investment as it not only requires a hefty amount of money, but also a considerable time and effort. As a property owner, you want the project to be worth the investment. 

If you require a durable and stable asphalt pavement that serves your needs for a long time, you need to hire an expert contractor. Reliable asphalt paving firms, such as Garden State Paving & Seal Coating, LLC, utilize high-quality materials and the best paving techniques to deliver exceptional quality results.

Yet, things are not as simple as they may seem. Finding Mr. Right in a sea of contractors is not easy. And by Mr. Right, we mean an expert paving contractor who ensures that your investment does not go to waste.

Finding an expert paving firm to handle your project is not a matter of luck. However, a few helpful pointers will allow you to minimize the risk and differentiate between professionals and amateurs. Here they are:


While some might be hesitant to ask asphalt contractors about their credentials, this step is vital as it will give you a clear picture of how qualified your contractor actually is.

Only hire a licensed contractor! In order to get a license, contractors need at least four years of experience and have to pass a Trade exam, as well as a Law and Business exam. Thus, a licensed contractor is well-aware of the legalities associated with a paving project (ADA guidelines, permit requirements, etc.), so the chances of facing fines due to violations will be zero. Also, they are well-versed with different paving techniques and have extensive knowledge of the trade.

Furthermore, make sure to check if the business is registered to get an idea about your contractor’s integrity and regard for the law.

Aside from the contractor, also check if the workers that will handle your project are qualified. If a contractor has hired amateurs to save cost, the work they do will reflect that. To avoid getting subpar work, opt for a paving firm with well-trained staff with at least some experience.


Never hire anyone without asking for and verifying the provided references. An asphalt contractor with extensive experience and an array of satisfied customers will never hesitate to provide proper references. If your contractor is hesitant about sharing references (is making excuses, delaying the matter, or providing incorrect/incomplete information), then you need to steer clear of them.


Check online reviews for the business. Do not be fooled by fake testimonials. Check social media and online review sites. Also, don’t forget to ask around. If you are hiring a local contractor, someone in your community is likely to have availed their services. You can even take recommendations from your family and friends.


Window shopping is a skill that all property managers should pick up. Ask multiple paving companies for a quote for your project to avoid any contractor who is overcharging or quoting an unrealistically low price. An extremely low bid means that there will be some hidden charges or overruns, or the contractor will use low-quality materials to cut costs.

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